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Telecommunications - Wireless & Non-Wireless

IGIN-EFS Consolidates and Integrates Telecommunication Technologies

Top 3 Telecomm benefits of IGIN-EFS:

  • The ability to send data over virtually any communication channel - e.g. VHF, 220MHz, UHF, 900MHz, Silver Spring, WiMAX, mesh, cellular, fiber, etc.

  • Provide a single end-to-end security encrypted platform that accommodates multiple communication channels.

  • Enables the typical communication network to increase remote site numbers by up to 5 times without affecting performance (e.g. 200+ sites on a single 900MHz (9,600 bd) Master Site)

IGIN-EFS efficiently passes real-time data over virtually any telecommunications medium; fiber, wired, traditional wireless, mesh, IP or serial. Wireless communications is considered by many to be the most challenging transport medium for data, especially over the vast geographical areas and terrain that many utilities deal with. IGIN-EFS is the tool that streamlines communications and enables Utility Engineers and Technicians to confidently tackle the most challenging communication projects in a planned and logical manner.

The illustration shows a sample of the communication paths, devices and protocols utilized by typical utilities. IGIN-EFS becomes the common thread that weaves these disparate systems into a common secure network. IGIN-EFS greatly increases the efficiency of data flow enabling a utility to leverage underutilized narrowband assets (e.g. 900MAS, UHF, 220MHz, VHF and/or Private Voice Networks). Increased data-flow efficiency is of great benefit to those utilities grappling with the FCC's pending narrow-banding requirements.

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IGIN-EFS can enable Electric Smart Grid applications plus advanced SCADA/automation for Water, Oil, Gas, Military, Government, Industrial and Commercial facilities.
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While DigitaLogic often delivers end-to-end solutions, many clients have existing enterprise level systems (e.g. EMS, SCADA, etc.) and request a specific focus (e.g. connectivity to specific sites, consolidation, etc.) We will work with your team by supporting your utility in the areas that your utility requires. We will work with your team to design practical systems depending on your needs, the terrain and the available communication assets. 

Depending on your needs, our services may include: 

•    Integration to any RTU, IED or PLC using any protocol.
•    Alternate path communications (Redundancy/Diversity).
•    Radio Studies and design of real-time communication systems.
•    System Migration, when upgrading from one system to another.
•    Real-Time communications networking with advanced diagnostics.
•    Integration into any existing SCADA (and/or provide HMI if required).
•    Procurement, or assistance with procurement of licensed frequencies.
•    Extensive management of data with integration into multiple enterprise level systems.
•    Procurement and supply of communication equipment (radios, routers, power supplies, etc.).
•    Downloading large files (e.g. Oscillography/Waveform) over narrow or wide wireless channels.
•    Enabling Utilities to comply with CIP cyber security standards over real-time communications networks.

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