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Single End-to-End Security Platform

IGIN-EFS delivers a single platform for grid modernization with an inherent end-to-end security between the enterprise-level systems to the edge devices. The IGIN-EFS security is realized over virtually any IP/Serial telecommunication technology/network (e.g. fiber, microwave, copper, radio, mesh, cellular, narrowband, broadband, MPLS, etc.). This single end-to-end security platform seamlessly accommodates hybrid networks with multiple "wired" or wireless asynchronous links (e.g. IP - Serial - IP, IP - Serial - Serial - Serial, fiber - radio - radio - copper, etc.) The IGIN-EFS is an enabling technology that helps achieving CIP/FISMA cyber security compliance.

Some of the security capabilities include:

  • IPSec VPN
  • SSH / SFTP
  • Disk encryption
  • Serial port security
  • SYN-flood attack protection
  • End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption
  • Dynamic encryption where each remote site has a unique security key     
  • Time Based Control Authentication
  • Each Control is individually Password Protected
  • Security certificate generation and management
  • Unique application signature for firewall detection
  • Firewall and intrusion detection at the field device
  • Password protection for various system components
  • Outbound only HMI data flow enabling one-way through firewall
  • Encryption and authentication at the edge device level over serial or IP
  • Intrusion detection at remote site (e.g. opening of enclosure doors, etc.)
  • Implement CIP requirements such as alerting users if there are anomalies
  • Edge device point chattering protection to avoid network congestion/collapse
  • Connection to various authentication services such as LDAP, Radius, OTP, etc.
  • Automatic reporting of CIP / FISMA cyber events to the CIP /FISMA Reporting and Compliance software

Contact DigitaLogic for your specific cyber security requirements as IGIN-EFS has the flexibility to be customized to your needs.

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