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Advanced Applications

IGIN-EFS Integrates Field Devices, Applications and Automation

IGIN-Enterprise to Field System's distributed intelligence is available on the open-platform IGIN (Intelligent Grid Interface Node). IGIN-EFS enables utilities to implement applications from a "system-perspective" rather that being limited by the capability of the device deployed at that site. We can offer many examples where IGIN-EFS has helped our customers overcome potential road-blocks when deploying small or large systems. Examples of solutions that IGIN-EFS has provided include:

  • Enabling feeder isolation and restoration (AutoRestoration) to be implemented in a sophisticated manner to large numbers of "unlike" field devices from many manufacturers. One customer has automated every feeder requiring automation on their system. The utility is further segmenting their feeders by adding about 500 reclosers per year. They have a current count of about 3,000 sites with reclosers, regulators, substations and other devices (from SEL, G&W, ABB, Cooper, Powerdigm, Bitronics and other manufacturers).
  • Failsafe Operation (with other safety features) of submersible switches from various manufacturers.
  • Synchronized switching of underground switches with millisecond resolution utilizing licensed 900MHz as the communication medium.
  • Enabling broadcast control of FAA Obstruction Lights over narrow-band wireless channels which is triggered when radar detects aircraft in the vicinity.
  • Broadcast Voltage Reduction controls over non-wireless and narrowband wireless channels.

Details Matter

Every utility is unique and implements field automation differently. The effective implementation of a project is typically contingent on how the technology accommodates the detailed requirements of the utility, the capability of the field equipment, telecommunication assets and in some cases the resources available within the utility. The DigitaLogic Team and our utility customers have consistently created successful solutions with IGIN-EFS. 

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