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IGIN-EFS Delivers Secure Monitoring, Control and Automation of Things

DigitaLogic's IGIN-Enterprise to Field System provides security, advanced connectivity/communications solutions and integration for utilities and industrial/commercial organizations wishing to modify or expand their SCADA system. DigitaLogic’s IGIN-EFS technology works with any protocol, over any communication system and complies with NERC CIP and FISMA cyber security requirements. DigitaLogic’s solution gives a Utility the flexibility to use products from many vendors without being “locked in” to a specific technology. 


  Control Rm 03 275

  220MHz ant 01a 275  

GW Cap 01 275a

(End-to-end secure platform

Enterprise-Level Systems
(EMS/SCADA, historian, OMS,
GIS, billing/metering, etc.)

(Fiber, licensed radio,
unlicensed radio,
mesh, copper, etc.)

Advanced Applications 
(Recloser, relay, capacitor,
tapchanger, regulator, etc.)

At its heart, IGIN-EFS is an IT/OT technology platform that enables organizations to securely monitor, control and automate field devices (e.g. reclosers, capacitors, substations, regulators, DER, Microgrid, gas equipment, water equipment, etc.) from any manufacturer using virtually any wireless/wired telecommunication medium (Fiber, 900MHz licensed/unlicensed, UHF, VHF, 220MHz, WiMAX, cellular, satellite, copper, etc.). IGIN-EFS’s management and troubleshooting tools enable utilities to deploy large numbers of field devices with less resources and the architecture guarantees project success. Furthermore, IGIN-EFS delivers end-to-end 256 bit dynamic encryption with unique security keys for every remote site, authentication, audit trail, control password, IPsec VPN over mesh and other security features. IGIN-EFS is proven at many utilities over a period of almost twenty years.

By deploying the IGIN-Enterprise to Field system, DigitaLogic delivers complete hardware/software solutions and systems for utility operations, monitoring, control, and automation. DigitaLogic stands ready to be an extension of your Engineering Team by providing many engineering services to help your company study, plan, or implement beneficial changes for performance improvements, system expansion, or cost containment. DigitaLogic's IGIN-EFS has the fundamental tools used to provide our clients with the functionality they require when deploying Smart Grid initiatives. Each element of the IGIN-EFS is standardized to meet typical application needs, although it can be easily customized to accommodate special requirements.

IGIN-EFS delivers a single platform enabling:

Security - Single end-to-end platform that enables NERC-CIP, FISMA compliance
Consolidation of Enterprise Level Systems (EMS/SCADA, Historian, OMS, GIS, Billing/Metering, etc.)
Telecommunication Technologies (Fiber, Licensed Radio, Unlicensed Radio, Mesh, etc.)
Advanced Applications of Field Devices (Recloser, Relay, Capacitor, Tapchanger, Regulator, etc.)