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DigitaLogic is a small business that was founded in 1998. It is a highly skilled engineering firm offering innovative, reliable, and cost effective engineering solutions to the power industry and other organizations. Our expertise covers the fields of SCADA, automation, telecommunications (wired and wireless), protocol implementation and conversion, systems/component connectivity and integration, and technology consulting.

DigitaLogic has been chosen as one of 50 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers by CIO Review Magazine CIO_Review-Digitalogic.pdf and their advanced solutions have won the prestigious “First Award for Excellence in Engineering” from the Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE) for the innovative use of microprocessor-based technologies for Distribution and Substation Automation. DigitaLogic has attained technical status equaling and surpassing the giants of the automation industry. At the core of our success is the IGIN-Enterprise to Field System (IGIN-EFS) technology for transmitting and receiving data over complex hybrid telecommunications networks. DigitaLogic has emerged as the top engineering firm serving the North American power industry to use this highly capable, groundbreaking technology.

DigitaLogic’s clients have a high level of satisfaction with the IGIN-EFS. The IGIN-EFS uses off-the-shelf hardware, standardized products and open systems architecture. Our unique approach of installing demonstration systems at our site or yours has allowed us to prove our solutions first-hand and to give our customers true confidence in DigitaLogic’s capabilities. DigitaLogic also places great emphasis on working closely with all stakeholders within an organization, such as Management, Planning, Engineering, Operations, IT, Telecommunications, and/or Field Technical as appropriate. This assures incorporation of their ideas into the delivered applications and generates buy-in of the final systems. Additionally, we are partners of Motorola, GE MDS, M/A Com, NRTC, Cleaveland Price, Northern Reliability and other industry players. We have the distinction of being one of their leading partners for the Electric Utility industry and can leverage these relationships to provide a broad range of benefits.