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Case Studies

For over a decade, DigitaLogic has been serving industry and enabling Utilities to deploy advanced systems using the patented IGIN-EFS technology. IGIN-EFS enables utilities that require real-time communications and Infrastructure Automation to begin with proof-of-concept projects and seamlessly deploy them throughout the service territory as resources become available.

Here we discuss a number of our client's systems. Each case is presented to illustrate different enabling aspects of the IGIN/IGIN-Manager technology:

1: Circuit Automation

Enterprise to Field System for Overhead Circuit SCADA and Automation

A Large utility in the Northeast that is, arguably, the first in the industry to have deployed a fully automatic fault isolation and circuit restoration system (AutoRestoration) on every available circuit in its territory. IGIN-EFS has enabled the utility to deploy connectivity and automation applications to about 3000 reclosers, substations and other switching devices so that the system may automatically sectionalize circuits and restore service. Operators have full control of all devices on the system which are integrated into EMS/SCADA, OMS, PI Historian and other Enterprise Level Systems more


2: Narrowband Wireless

SCADA for large population of Substations sharing a narrow wireless channel

In the early 2000s, a utility on the Canadian border needed to deploy a load-reduction scheme to over 70 substations over a large area using wireless connectivity. The utility was only able to acquire two narrowband (6.25kHz) VHF channels for telemetry purposes, and at that time, the available radios were limited to 1200bps.

IGIN-EFS enabled the utility more


3: Challenging Terrain

IGIN-EFS for SCADA, Volt/VAR Optimization & Automation over Challenging Terrain with Site & System Redundancy

A mid-sized utility in the Northeast needed to automate its distribution circuits with the goal of deploying a fully automatic fault-isolation/circuit-restoration system and various Volt/VAR circuit applications using RF. The terrain is extremely challenging so deploying IGIN-EFS utilizing narrowband 220MHz frequencies for connectivity provided a cost-effective and practical solution more


4: Wireless O/H & U/G

Wireless Overhead and Underground Circuit SCADA

A utility in the Northeast has an extensive overhead and underground distribution system with three service centers. Each service center has four IGIN-EFS Servers, a primary and secondary IGIN-EFS Server for local system redundancy plus an IGIN-EFS Server for each of the other centers for disaster recovery purposes. The service centers are connected to each other and Master radio sites over redundant Frame Relay networks. Each Master radio site has two IGIN gateways and two radios for redundancy more


5: FAA Warning Lights

Susquehanna to Roseland Transmission Line – FAA Obstruction Light Monitoring & Radar Control

The Susquehanna to Roseland Transmission Line has about 30 structures in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that require FAA obstruction lights. Providing AC power for the lights was costly so the utility powered most lights by solar systems more