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1: Circuit Automation

Enterprise to Field System for Overhead Circuit SCADA and Automation

A Large utility in the Northeast has deployed an automated fault isolation and circuit restoration system (AutoRestoration) on every available circuit in its territory. IGIN-EFS has enabled the utility to deploy connectivity and automation applications to over 3,500 reclosers, substations and other switching devices so that the system may automatically sectionalize circuits and restore service. Operators have full control of all devices on the system which are integrated into EMS/SCADA, OMS, PI Historian and other Enterprise Level Systems.
The Distribution SCADA system currently communicates with Substations (with SEL Relays, Bitronics meters, I/Os etc.), Distributed Generation, Padmount Switchgear, Voltage Regulators, Joslyn VBMs (with EnergyLine Controllers), reclosers (Form 4C, Form 5, ABB, G&W (with SEL controllers), and various other devices. The Utility typically adds between 300 and 500 field devices to its system every year.

IGIN-EFS accommodates connectivity with almost any communication medium and the utility utilizes over 30 licensed 900MHz master sites and VHF frequencies to extend RF converge for penetration into difficult areas. The utility has tested mesh from Silver Spring Networks to provide communication channels for IGIN-EFS.
IGIN-EFS has made it possible to monitor, control, and automate various types of controllers, meters, relays, RTUs using a wide range of protocols that include 2179, DNP, ASCII, Modbus, and other standard and non-standard (IP/Serial) protocols. The remote sites each report a large population of SCADA points (analog, digital & control) depending on the number of IEDs at the site. The signal round-trip time is typically about 2 seconds for poll and control commands. The EFS-Server integrates multiple Enterprise Level Systems (Siemens primary & secondary EMS, Distribution SCADA, AutoRestoration.IGIN, OMS & PI Historian) using different protocols (OPC & ICCP). The IGIN-EFS manages over half of a million SCADA points. 

IGIN-EFS Highlights: 

  • Advanced communication diagnostics.
  • Typical signal round-trip time of about 2 seconds for control commands.
  • Enterprise to Field System that manages over half of a million SCADA points.
  • Ability to interface with any non-propriety protocol (2179, DNP, Modbus & more).
  • “Smart” automatic sectionalizing and restoration of service with AutoRestoration.IGIN.
  • 256-bit end-to-end dynamic encryption, authentication, audit trail and other security features.
  • Each Master Radio Site can accommodate 200+ devices (Recloser, sub-station, IED, RTU, etc,)
  • The system reports a large number of SCADA points (analog, digital & control) for every remote site.
  • Ability to communicate with any device from any manufacturer (Joslyn, SEL, Cooper, ABB, Motorola & more).
  • Single platform supporting all protocols, communication and connectivity options (i.e. radio, fiber, serial, IP, microwave, cellular)
  • Ability to upload/download files (e.g. configuration, text, extended sequence of events, etc.) over narrowband or wideband channels.
  • EFS-Server that connects  multiple  Enterprise Level Systems (Siemens primary & secondary EMS, DigitaLogic Distribution SCADA, AutoRestoration, OMS & PI Historian) using different protocols (OPC & ICCP).